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We can help you with all your framing projects.

Whether you use our wide selection of frame moldings and mats, choose to bring your own frame or simply want to replace your broken glass; we can do it for you.

CAVEART carries tthe full line of framing products from reputable manufacturers such as:

  • Fotiou,
  • Larson Juhl,
  • Triple Touch Moulding LTD,
  • Omega Moulding Company Canada

* Metal Frames
* Wooden Frames
* Polystyrene Frames (frames images)

Photograph framing and mounting

TrueVue Glass™ that flawlessly shows off the beauty of the artwork it protects When we frame your picture we use Alphamats™.

These Art care Archival specialty surfaces offer the ultimate combination of protection and creativity.

With two of the best framers in the Greater Toronto Area, Chris Carvalho & Wanda Bottoms, CAVEART provides quality work with short turnaround times at a competitive price.

Shadow Box

With Texture Mats that Add Depth you can turn any image into a piece of art.

Add polish to any work with specialty mat boards from Bainbridge and Peterboro Conservation.

Whether you choose to blend a soft look or create a striking contrast, we offer the largest selection of archival textures and colors to select from.

Give Your Mounted Image the Edge!

For a more economical solution, Cave Art offers Plastic Edging.

Give Your Mounted Image the Edge